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moving sbs2000 to windows 2003 server

By desiv10 ·
hi guys,

i am trying to move away from sbs to a standard win 2003 srvr.

initially are main server was sbs 2000, we upgrade AD and installed win 2003 svr as DC.

i moved all the fsmo roles to win 2003, moved dns, dhcp and made the win 2003 svr GC.

i want to finnally turn off the sbs 2000 server,
when i do, i get errors adding users to workstation: ie trust relationship between pdc and workstation failed.

am i missing something?

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GC Role

by BFilmFan In reply to moving sbs2000 to windows ...

You would have to have the Windows 2003 server being a Global Catalog prior to moving the FSMO roles.

You can also only have one domain controller in a SBS 2000 domain. How were you able to name the new Windows 2003 domain the same as the SBS domain? You cannot have 2 domains with the same name in the same forest.

Did you create a new AD forest? If so, the clients will have to be migrated to that forest.

Did you have Exchange installed in the old SBS forest? How did you plan to migrate?

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You can have more than 1 AD controller

by Elementalism In reply to GC Role

But you have to make sure the SBS 2000 server is the master for all the FSMO roles.

And you cant have multiple SBS servers in the same domain. But straight server will work just fine, provided it doesnt have the master roles.

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moving sbs2000 to windows 2003 server

by phredweb In reply to moving sbs2000 to windows ...

Not sure if anyone is still out there, but I am interested in your statement initially are main server was sbs 2000, we upgrade AD and installed win 2003 svr as DC." I am trying to adprep an SBS2000 server now to install a 2003 DC and beging migration away from SBS, but am having difficulties getting the adprep to work. According to MS you can't upgrade SBS2000 schema to 2003 Standard schema, but if I can just get it to extend to allow a 2003 DC, then I can get everything else setup before kicking the SBS2000 server out of the network. Can you shed any light or links as to how you were initially able to get the SBS2000 schema upgraded?

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How I did it

by Elementalism In reply to moving sbs2000 to windows ...

I have been running a backup 2003 AD controller in my network for the past 2 years. I managed to adprep\forestprep it using an Exchange 2003 trial client. I havent verified that you cant upgrade a SBS 2000 AD to 2003. But that is how I did it 2 years ago.

I cant imagine Microsoft putting that kind of limitation on their SBS servers.

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No such thing

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to How I did it

as a BACKUP 2003 AD Controller!!!!

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