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Moving Server between domains

By rick_b ·
We just bought a company and they have a finance server in a abc.local domain. We need the applications on the server, but I would like to bring it over to my domain which is a FQD.
The server now physically sits in my server room.
What is the best practice for doing this?

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Moving Server between dom ...

a) make sure you know the local Administrator password for this server. Not the abc.local Admin password, but the local Administrator account password on this server. And then log into the server with the local Administrator account.
b) Right-click on My Computer, choose Properties, then the Computer Name tab (I am on an XP box right now, so the tab name in Win2K might be different)
c) click the Change button
d) you want to move the server to a Workgroup, so choose Workgroup, give it a name (like WORKGROUP), and click OK.
e) reboot
f) log in with the local Administrator account, then go back to the Computer Name tab, and choose Domain, and add it to your domain.
g) reboot.

That's it.

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by rick_b In reply to

Thanks, this was a big help

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by CG IT In reply to Moving Server between dom ...

yeah, Joes answer was what I was going to suggest [though I wasn't going to outline the steps] wanted to see what Joe would say.

don't need to DCPROMO the server if its just a member server of the existing network.

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by rick_b In reply to

Thanks, your answer was also helpful. I was concerned about the DCPromo and you cleared that up.

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by rick_b In reply to Moving Server between dom ...

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