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Moving system admins away from systems.

By rp4643 ·
Here is one for you.... Our management wants to move high us end AIX and storage admins, 5 miles away from the million dollar peices of hardware. What do you see is wrong with this?

Right now we are situated very close to these systems.

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Depends, I suppose. . .

by bkinsey In reply to Moving system admins away ...

On how often you have to physically touch the machines versus using any kind of remote access for admin/management. Weigh that against whatever benefits there are of moving you (I'd assume cost of space or something).

We don't have any million-dollar machines, but we're somewhere in the 6 figure range if you count all the servers, storage, PBXs and everything else we're responsible for. Maybe 35-40% of it is within reach; the rest is up to 2-3 miles distant with no local techs, but it works well enough. . .

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against odds

by rp4643 In reply to Depends, I suppose. . .

We basically have to touch the servers and Storage devices around 90% of the work week at different times.Remote administration can cause an issue if the network goes down, These are life line systems to this place. NO cost benefits are being gained.

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I like to have servers within reach.

by stress junkie In reply to against odds

It's not even how often you have to physically touch servers. Rather, it is why you have to touch them when it is necessary. Usually it is because you want to be able to see it boot or you have to physically pull the plug. As you said, when the network isn't working then remote administration doesn't work. Those times that you want to be in the server room are times that delays from commuting could cost the business time and trouble from servers being out of service. When a server is down then people in the offices are sitting on their hands waiting to be able to do their work. That's expensive to the business.

The closer that your office is to the servers the better.

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