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    Moving to Linus


    by rfmmailbox-techrepublic ·

    Which version of Linus are you considering? What are the pros and cons of SUSE vs Ubuntu?

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      by rfmmailbox-techrepublic ·

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      Ubuntu is a single CD with Limited applications available

      by hal 9000 ·

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      And is not a server platform. However because it’s a single CD it’s easy to install and a breeze to setup.

      SUSE is a multi numbered set of CD or a DVD and has many more applications available including a Server Application if required as well as the Desktop OS and a very large selection of available applications to chose to install from when you initially setup the system.

      Both are aimed at different sections of the market so they are different Versions and SUSE has a better Interface to change things through YAST.

      However all that being said for a beginner Ubuntu is probably the better alternative.


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      Um…. proof reading would be helpful

      by devlin_x ·

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      The operating system is Linux not Linus… Linus was the creator of Linux.

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