Moving to MySQL or MS SQL

By amunafc ·
Guys, I am very good at MS ACCESS database and VB. But am tired now working on them. I need to promote myself to MySQL or MS SQL so that the huge DBs I have started developing can be used by multiple users at the same time i.e. entering data in the same table by many user at the same time.

I want to develop a web based DB that can be put on LANs and WANs, please how do I start?

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Well first

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Moving to MySQL or MS SQL

sticking Access behind a webserver makes it client server. Whet ever you are using for webserver does the client server but and you end up with one sequential pipe in to the mdb. Not my first choice solution, but I've talked to guys who seen to know their arse from their elbow, who calin up to 50 'simulataneous'users.

Other that than that if you want a progressiom, port your access db to sqlserver(wany easier becaause they are both MS) At that pioint chnage your connection string in VB and job done (nearly sort of maybe). The thing you ahev to remeber about usinga desktop db like access verus a client server DBMS i the optimisation strategiies are inverses.
In Access it doin saya select * from Table and then locating the record is the 'best' way to go. With Sql Server or MySQL it's insane. Select f1,f2,f3 from T1 where f1 = v1
is way more efficeient.

As far as web based stuff goes, that's much more about vb vs, or PHP or whatever than MySQl vs access.
Pick a tech make a start, ffs don't for get security e.g. sql injection though.

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MySql provides a cross platform easy to maintain DB

by vhargis In reply to Moving to MySQL or MS SQL

I've installed verions of MySQL,in junction with apache and php on numerous servers both locally as well as remotely.

The big advantage to MySQL is the ease at which you can get started as well as the number of satisfied users.

You can get started easily by downloading the appropriate file from the following url.

Once you have a local version you can easily work locally and post the DB to any remote location or alternatively you can work remotely.

The combination of php/MySQL has an interface called phpMyAdmin which allows you to maintain the DB and perform the tasks you need in a web interface.

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Sprinkle this wth a goodly pinch of salt if

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MySql provides a cross pl ...

you are not starting from scratch.

Not a blame thing, but if you are using GUID, or worse still MS's version of time stamp for optimistic locking, you are going to have a major headache.
Same going the other way of course MySQL's proprietry types, enumerated and timespan being two of the brow wrinklers.

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Start by playing around...

by In reply to Moving to MySQL or MS SQL

How did you get good at Access? I assume you either had a wild hair idea to keep track of your CD collection or you had a project that required some type of DB system. Either way, you jumped in.

Jump in! Download and install MySQL on your workstation. Download and install PHP on your workstation. Look for examples on the web for connecting PHP to a MySQL server and start writing code.

If you have no experience with server-side web scripting, such as ASP or PHP, then the learning curve will be steep. However, you have to start somewhere - no better way than to grab the bull by the horns and man-handle it.

Start simple so you don't get overwhelmed with new technology.

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