Moving to Windows 7 from XP

By jayevans_uk ·

If a PC was supplied about five years ago with Windows XP Pro (but the supplier forgot to put the licence key on the case!), can the user buy an OEM copy of Windows 7 (either full or upgrade) ?

I seem to recall reading somewhere that OEM software can be supplied for a computer IF a significant component is bought and installed at the same time - like a hard drive or RAM or video card. Is that correct ?

If an upgrade edition can be bought (because the user has Windows XP Pro already), could it be installed onto a brand new hard drive ? If so, could the installation routine look on the existing (now slave) to see it qualifies - or would it refer to the CD ?

I await your reply - thanks in advance.


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That's a very interesting Interpretation of M$ Policies

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Moving to Windows 7 from ...

But I very much doubt that they would be overly affected by doing this though here if there is no COA on the case at all I would question the Authenticity of the XP License. It sounds very much like a Pirate Copy to me.

2 years ago many Computers where purchased with the Vista OS and could be supplied Loaded with XP depending on the customers preference. In those cases the system came with a Vista COA on the case and a Vista Recovery Partition/Disc Set and you could request XP Install Disc's for when you needed to reload/repair the XP OS.

As for OEM you can replace Data Leads, HDD's or add more to Desktop Systems, Optical Drives. RAM and so on without needing to purchase a new License. However if you Upgrade the M'Board to increase Performance to a considerably better CPU you should buy a New Windows and other M$ Software License. But this is where it gets difficult if you where to repair a computer by replacing the M'Board & CPU with a Current Low End CPU you can stick with the Original License.

As for buying a New Upgrade License to 7 it should look at all the installed Drives and find the required XP Files or even the Vista Recovery partition if you have a Legit M$ License and complete the Install without problems.

As for M$ wanting to complain I very much doubt it as they are getting something in the form of a 7 License Fee that isn't specifically required by their Licensing Agreement so I can not see them being overly concerned that you want to pay them to upgrade to 7 from your Installed XP Copy.

But before you even start to consider this option you should check your Hardware & installed Software with the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser available here


At the very least you should know what you need to replace or what will work with 7 before considering anything at all.


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Upgrade Verification

by TheChas In reply to Moving to Windows 7 from ...

The simple answer as to verification of the existing version of Windows to qualify for the upgrade is that you either need to have the XP CD and license key, or boot into XP and install Windows 7 from a running installation.

Unless MS has made significant changes, just having a drive with a Windows XP installation as a slave will not count.

If you have an OEM copy of Windows 7, you should just be able to install it on your system. The key is that with an OEM version, the license is forever tied to that hardware.

With a 5 year old system, I would hold off on Windows 7 until you can afford new hardware so you can use Windows 7 effectively.


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