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    Moving Up and Ahead


    by comp1systems ·

    Ok…so I have been toying with the idea of taking a
    different approach with my computer company. Even with
    my wos and gruntles of services and repairs of computers, I
    came to the realization that I am still new in the field, and
    have not really (or fully) experienced all that I could
    experience to really say that I’ve gotten my feet wet. The
    highlight of this month has been being asked by Microsoft
    partners to participate in product serveys, mainly because
    I’m attending their seminar on December 6 in Anaheim as
    they are launching their Visual Studio and SQL Service
    2005. This is a big deal for me because, too, I’m looking
    at what I will learn and how this will impact me and my
    company, and I also see it as a networking opportunity. A
    chance to rub elbows with some of the bigger IT experts,
    programmers, and developers.

    My question being, as I strive to be successful in this
    industry, I am looking at other areas CompSystems1 can be
    effective with regard to software testing, research, systems
    analization, database, etc. I pay attention to the news and
    read articles about how the technology market is always
    changing and how businesses are working to be more agile
    in adapting to their changing needs. I am interested to see
    how I can play a major roll in helping businesses adapt,
    develop strategies as they transition to the latest
    technology, and help to develop tools that can be usuable
    during these changes. I hope you all understand what I’m
    getting at.

    I think in expanding my knowledge and experience, it will
    be beneificial for both myself and my clients. Growing
    clientele is another discussion. But in the meantime, if
    anyone has any advice on this, I’d be happy to hear from

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