Moving Update Folder"

By lcallene ·
I am running out of space on my c drive because of the many windows updates. How do I move the windows update folder from the C drive to the D drive which has move space.

I have eliminated many personal files and programs just to create space, yet I keep getting the message you need to eliminate more items to get a least the 200 need to keep the computer functional.

Things that my assist you:
I am not running Vista and this is a personal lap top.

I have lots of space on the D Drive.

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Update folder cannot be moved - it is a system component ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Moving Update Folder"

You'll have to figure out what else you can move.

You could reconfigure your 'My Documents' folder, moving it to the other partition. Same goes for 'My Pictures' and 'My Music'. Those directories only contain DATA, and data can be accessed from wherever it exists.

Instead of opting for the default of installing programs to the C partition it is entirely plausible to create a Program Files directory on the \ partition and to instruct program installers to place your program installations there instead. Unfortunately, unless you still have the install discs, this will not be possible with programs already installed - because if you move them over now, they won't work as all the existing Registry Values point to the C partition.

It might help us if you told us which OS you DO have (rather than telling us what you DON'T have). The size of the HDD (and relative sizes of the partitions) would also help.


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I'll take that as a YES then ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Update folder cannot be m ...

Thanks for the Thumb and glad I was able to help! :)

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Moving Update Folder-Response

by lcallene In reply to Update folder cannot be m ...

OS-Microsoft Window XP Home Edition-Version 2002 Service Pack 2

C Drive-7.79 Used 7.57
D Drive-10.8 Used 4.40

I believe it's time for a new machine..any suggestions...

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Moving Update Folder-Resp ...

Create a directory on EG: \udocs
Select Start, Right Mouse click on My Documents and select Properties.
Select Move and navigate to \udocs
Answer Yes to all Boxes
Restart the PC
By doing this you are freeing up the space on C: drive the My Documents was using.
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