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    Moving User Profile


    by ngreenwood6 ·

    I want to set-up all my workstations at my house to get profiles from a network hard drive. I want their documents and settings, desktop, favorites stored on my network hard drive. However, everytime I do this it just creates a new “user.000” or something crazy like that. I can get it to work on another local hard drive when i move the profile but no luck with the network hard drive or even a network share (same difference pretty much). These are my steps:

    I have set-up a local userprofile on my machine “test”. I have Network Hard Drive that I have a mapping to (z:). I want to copy my local profile to the z: drive. I right click my computer and go to properties then the advanced tab. Then I click settings under the user profiles. I select my user and then click copy to and i use this “z:\documents and settings\test”. “Test” is the name of my user. I also change the permitted use to the user “test” and click copy. I then go to the registry setting “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList” and then to the profile that I am working with and change the “ProfileImagePath” to “z:\documents and settings\test”. When I reboot it sets up the a new account “test.000” or something stupid like that. If i do it to another hard drive on the same machine it works fine. Also it removes my original drive mapping to the z: drive and the registry setting is set back to the new path “test.000”. Is it not possible to use a profile from a network store or am I missing something? Someone please help.

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