Moving user profiles from the C drive to the D drive on a Win 2003 server

By vmichenzi ·
Is there any way to have the users profiles on a Win2003 server when they log into it, go to the D drive instaedf of the C drive ??
If so, how do you do it.

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The profile itself, or just parts of it?

by Maevinn In reply to Moving user profiles from ...

The profile stays on the C, but you can redirect just about all of the files to another location with no problem. For example, my profile is on the c, but My Documents, Favorites, etc are on the D. To do this, just right click on the specific file within the profile, and select Move, then select the desired location. Or, read up on roaming profiles, if you're looking to have this in a networked setup where users always need access to their files but aren't always in the same location.

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Not the answer I was looking for

by vmichenzi In reply to The profile itself, or ju ...

I know how to do that, but I just want the entire users profile when the login into a particular server, to be stored on the D drive and not the C drive.

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Don't think that is possible

by Maevinn In reply to Not the answer I was look ...

Sorry. Changing the default location for the profiles would require modifying the software--it's not just a setting.

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Use the roaming profile

by ckwong19802003 In reply to Don't think that is possi ...


have you try using the roaming profile on the windows?You can selectily put the user profile where they are in the server

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