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    Moving users from 1 print server to another with a different name


    by bakbrad ·

    I need a vbs script to

    1) Find out what users are using what printers

    2)Migrate these users from a NT4 server to a win 2003 server with a different name and have them map to the same printers they were mapped to before.

    3)Have the mappings to the old print servfer deleted

    4)Redo their default printer to the one they had before on the new 2003 printer.

    We are talking about 70 printers, 400 users. The print queues are already on the win2003 server and have the same printer names, its just the name of the new server is different.

    I’ve looked all over the web for one and can’t find it. I hope you can help.


    Chris Bradley

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