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By riccardothomas ·
I am faced with a chalenge this weekend. Where I will install a new server 2003 to replace server 2000. The network consists on 150 users. My major concern would be the end user profiles' changing.

Proposed Solution: Change user profiles to .dat/ Roaming. Make note of the source of the profile.
Would this work??

If you guys can think of any other problems i will encounter this weekend with solutions Please respond

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by lowlands In reply to Moving Users

Are you currently using the 2000 server to store user profiles that you have defined in AD? Something like Profile Path = \\2000server\profile\%username% ?

If that is the case, the easiest thing would probably be to build your new 2003 server with the same name as your current 200 server. Backup the profile directory on the old server and copy over once the new server is built. If that can't be done, you can use a script to change the profile setting for all your users to the new location (you'd still copy the profiles over)

Something like:

Set objUser = GetObject _

objUser.Put "profilePath", "\\2003Server\Profiles\username"

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by AmberHaze In reply to Moving Users

If the above is not applicable, there is an alternate solution whereby you can use the AD Migration tool offered by microsoft.

The following link details the best practices on such a roll out and also provides a link to the above tool.

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by CG IT In reply to Moving Users

Is this Active Directory?

use the ADMT tool to migrate from W2000 domain to a W2003 server domain. moves everthing over.

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by CG IT In reply to Moving Users

ok this question also goes with your other question about adding a W2003 server as a DC into a W2K domain environment.

You don't move users or do anything with their accounts. run addprep/forestprep addprep/domainprep on the W2K DC to prepare it for W2003 Server DC. dcpromo promote the W2003 member server to a DC. allow replication to occur between both DCs. .

If the W2K DC is the only DC in the forest and is the root DC holding all roles, you can dcpromo demote the W2K server to a member server and remove it from the network. The W2003 Server DC then assumes all roles [including being a root server]as it's the last DC in the forest/domain.

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