Moving windows 2000 server to a new machine.

By Robert.Giordano ·
I'm install my windows 2000 server on a new machine, the old one is 7 years old, 2000 does everything I need and I don't want to spend the money on 2003. My problem is that I can't just simply do a restore as my hardware has changed. I can get away with just restoring the user accounts, but I can't figure out how to do that.

So the question is how do I restore just the user accounts from my backup?

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Restore system state

Backup the "system state" and restore it on the new PC. That should get the user accounts/passwords over.

If you are running Active Directory, then you can join the new server to the domain, make it a domain controller, then run dcpromo to make it the primary DC, then remove the old server, after the accounts have sync'ed.

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by Robert.Giordano In reply to Restore system state

I tried restoring the system state and was rewarded with a non starting machine.

I will try your other suggestion as the old machine is still running.

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