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Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird = 100% CPU

By semmelbroesel ·

I have a problem with two programs: Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird (both version 1.0).

On my main PC, they work fine, but on my Laptop (P3 500MHz 96MB RAM WinXP) each program takes nearly up to 100% CPU load, and loaded together they share the load fairly equally.

If I switch them to offline mode, they work normally.

I have not been able to get any help on the mozilla forums so far :-(

Any ideas?

The PC should be clear of spyware and viruses, and these are the only two programs that behave like this.

There is another issue on this PC, and it has to do with DHCP - it will work at first, but if I restart the PC, it won't find a DHCP server until I enter an IP address manually and then switch back to DHCP. I am wondering if there's something wrong with my TCP/IP settings. I have a way to uninstall TCP/IP and reinstall it, but I don't know if it could really be related.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Mozilla Firefox & Thunder ...

You may well be running low on system resources on the laptop, as laptops are notorious for having required drivers that are memory hogs. I'd advise upping your memory resources and seeing if the issue is resolved.

On the DHCP issue, I'd point the issue to a problem either with the DHCP server, such as timing out, too busy to be responsive, not correctly configured, etc. If your TCP/IP drivers are damaged, typically you can't get a connection at all. But it might not be a bad idea to uninstall and reinstall the drivers to eliminate it as the issue.

Is the DHCP server local to the network or is it at the end of a DSL or cable modem line. I have seen issues in the past where the client simply couldn't get an address from the DHCP server, which usually ended up being a latency issue.

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by semmelbroesel In reply to Mozilla Firefox & Thunder ...

Unfortunately, the Laptop is maxed out on memory.
The weird thing is that it is only these two programs that are causing this trouble. I can run Photoshop together with other programs, and it runs relatively fast.

The DHCP problem showed in two different hotels, so my guess is that I need to reinstall Winsock, and I found ways to do that.

Are there maybe any programs that could track the CPU usage of modules or DLL files instead of the complete program? Maybe it is only some DLL that is being called by the programs...

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by semmelbroesel In reply to Mozilla Firefox & Thunder ...

Found the solution!
After some trouble getting my laptop ready for installing SP2 (had to resize partitions, in this case completely repartition, copy the files back and re-establish the boot record!), I put SP2 on, and both programs run fine now!
I hope this helps others with the same problem.

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by semmelbroesel In reply to Mozilla Firefox & Thunder ...

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