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    Mozilla Thunderbird

    by zlzpqx ·


    I obtain my Internet service from CenturyLink.

    I have been using for many years Mozilla Thunderbird for my email as my much preferred email service provider.

    Recently, the following message has started popping up after I compose an email in Thunderbird and hit the Send button:

    “An error occurred while sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting: 5.7.1 [C18] RBL restriction: Blacklisted by Internal Reputation Service –”

    I reinstalled Thunderbird as a possible remedy. The problem persisists.

    My vague understanding is that the problem lies with CenturyLink, and NOT Thunderbird. It MIGHT be that they don’t support Thunderbird any longer.

    Before I contact CenturyLInk, I want to make sure that they are the right party to contact about the above problem. Getting a live person at CenturyLink to talk to is somewhat of an ordeal.

    Thank you.

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      by zlzpqx ·

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      After posting my problem above, I thought of posting it in

      Thank you.

      Moderator Note; If you add a period to a link, you will break said link. Me? “fixed it.”

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        Your link

        by birdmantd ·

        In reply to Addendum

        …is giving a “Page not found response”

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          Thank you!

          by zlzpqx ·

          In reply to Your link

          Thank you!

          You and Moderator Bob Proffitt solved my big problem.

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        That IP is blacklisted. This is NOT a Thunderbird issue or bug.

        by rproffitt ·

        In reply to Addendum

        “Spamhaus ZEN was listed.”

        But you write “I have been using for many years Mozilla Thunderbird for my email as my much preferred email service provider.”

        Thunderbird is an email program, not an email provider. lists it too.

        -> Again, this is not a Thunderbird issue. It’s your email service which I can’t tell from the information given so far.

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