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    MP3 and Linux 6.2


    by evan ·

    When I installed linux 6.2, It had seemed to install my ESS Solo-1 PCI AudioDrive correctly. I can hear the test but when I go to play an MP3 from my Win directories it seems slow and clicky. How would I fix this?

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      MP3 and Linux 6.2

      by hugevlad ·

      In reply to MP3 and Linux 6.2

      First, try again to test your audio device with “simple” audio source (like *.wav or *.au files). If it works correctly, then problem may be with CPU or memory resources, because mp3-players uses CPU to decompress mp3-stream. What type of CPU do youhave, amount of memory (RAM) ? May be you have too many running processes ? What mp3-player do you use ? I suggest mp3blaster – rhis is console (curses) application with moderate resources use.

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