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mp3 files being changed to .dat files

By mikejmoore ·
My client recieves mp3 files for radio commercials. They are 4 users in my clients office. One of their clients will send mp3 files and some of my clients will get it fine, but others will have the mp3 file changed to ATT56654.dta file, the name is not an exact but it is the format. I can not find any thing different in my client's PCs. They use yahoo email accounts, one use Yahoo only and the other 3 use Outlook Express and Office with their email downloading from Yahoo.

I think it is coming in bad, but the some get it throws me.


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by DouglasB In reply to mp3 files being changed t ...

A little more information. Which of your clients is getting the renamed file, the one downloading directly from Yahoo, or the other three downloading from Yahoo into their desktop mail client? Does this happen all the time or just once in a while? Can you rename the file with a mp3 extension and get it to work?

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by mikejmoore In reply to mp3 files being changed t ...

3 of the 4 clients use the Outlook.

It hasn't really been anyone in particular.

They have all had it happen. It has happened on and off over the the last several months. Yesterday it seemed to raise it's ugly head.

Another twist, one client that had the good mp3's yesterday tried to save them and then they turned into .dat files after saving to the desktop. They played fine before downloading. I have a yahoo email and had them send it to me and I checked it while I was in their office and they stayed mp3 files. I just looked at the same email this morning from my home and they turned int .bin files.

It seems the ones that use yahoo direct, the mp3's are turning into .bin files and the Outlook users get changed to .dat files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to mp3 files being changed t ...

i would be blaming this on the website programming unless you can demonstrate it happening on one pc and not at another at the same website. what happens if you rename the .dat to .mp3

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