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By nylodges ·
I have a question and was wondering if y'all could help me out. I'm looking for an mp3 player. I want it's focus to be music but it should also have capabilities for dispaying photos and video. It should be at least 8 G and should be easy to use- simple syncing and good one hand controls. thanks!

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by Shellbot In reply to mp3 players

How much cash you have to ****?

Stay away form Creative stuff..i know lots of people who bought, and something always goes wrong with them. We bought my daughter one, and the firmware is dodgy..have to reset it all the time.

iRiver is the way to go, i have one..and i love it, so does my better half. His is over 3 years old now and still working fine as well. Sturdy and nice feel to them.

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by nylodges In reply to budget?

oops...i forgot about $$. i have $250 but, obviously, the cheaper the better. i was actually thinking about getting a creative. my brother has one and loves it. and, at the risk of sounding like an idiot, what is firmware?

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its the

by Shellbot In reply to .

"software" that runs it.
Sorry, maybe its called soemthing else over therte, but thats what we call it here..

basically the one we go my daughter keeps hanging and crashing. Its a Zen Micro.. after some research, we found a few articles that were estimating 1 in 5 had faulty software.

she seems to like it well enough, but just a pain in the butt having to keep reinstalling or resetting it all the time.

It seems to be hit and miss with Creative.

Have a look at iRiver..they can be a bit expensive, but if you got a good deal or special somewhere, its well worth it

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Creative MP3 Player

by gloria In reply to its the

I have had my Creative Zen Micro for over 1 year with no trouble at all. I love it.

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Best deal on iriver clix

by amarkscpa In reply to Creative MP3 Player

Like my iriver clix for $139, but only 2GB, which gives you about 40 albums. Easy synching via WMP11 to change albums/playlists on clix.


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no ipod recommendations?

by christianredgewell In reply to Best deal on iriver clix

I'm looking to finally get an mp3 player after loving my Sony Minidisc player for too long, looking for one big drive to store everything on. Nothing wrong with MD's in fact I love it esp now they have released 1GB discs to record on. However I have been looking at the new 5th gen 80GB Ipod. We don't have great support in NZ and no itunes store yet! I have also heard bad things about their screens breaking and Apple not fixing them. I really want a huge HD so any recommendations?

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There are a lot of things an iPod cant do.

by mjwx In reply to no ipod recommendations?

First and fore most is the fact that you need iTunes and cant just plug it into a computer and pull songs onto and off of it. Second, iPod audio hardware is inferior to many of their competitors such as creative, who use their audigy series in some of the Zen's.

iPods are limited in the types of audio codecs they can play. They can play lossless audio (so I am told) but by default iTunes will rencode your songs in the AAC codec (more compression but with lower sound quality).

Apple will not fix iPods preferring to simply replace them with a new one if still under warranty. If you're not under warranty forget about it, they weren't designed to be fixed (granted this can be said about most consumer electronics these days).

Also in AU and NZ we tend to pay through the nose for apple HW.

My advice is to avoid the iPod like the plague if for no other reason than too much vendor lock-in (and they don't work on Linux).

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Don't buy the hype

by laura In reply to no ipod recommendations?

For the money you'll spend on an iPod, I say find something else. Anything else. They are overpriced, glitchy, power suckers.

My advice, get anything that has a decent size internal hd but also allows for SD cards. Easy-cheesy, and the cards are only getting bigger and cheaper to come by. I bought a new 1G SD card the other day for $15. I swap them out on my old Rio player that runs for hours on a single rechargable AA and I'm quite pleased.

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apple snapple

by christianredgewell In reply to no ipod recommendations?

Nice to know there's still a good anti-apple market place out there, I was going to crack and finally concede to the big white hype but I think you may have saved may. I'm more inclined to go with Creative or I-river but will wait until a larger drive is offered. If only everyone learnt design in the same respects that Apple does though then we wouldn't be so tempted!

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by Shellbot In reply to no ipod recommendations?

iPod..and be tied to apple for your music..?

and just the thought of actually owning one and "being just like all the other cool people who have bought one" gives me the heeby-jeebies..

dare to be different Christian :)

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