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    MP3 problems


    by andy_arok ·

    When I play my mp3 files in Windows media player it plays fine. But when I open it in any other software, even when I transferred it to my mobile it doesnt play well. Actually in all other softwares it plays at extremely high pace. When I open it with wave editor it shows the waves for only 2-3 secs the rest of the song is only a straight line.

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      by andy_arok ·

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      Try this…

      by captbilly1eye ·

      In reply to MP3 problems

      Here is a free MP# repair utility that may help:

      Where did the MP3s come from and how were they created?

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        by andy_arok ·

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        I had it from CDs. Those were tamil songs. I had it on my hard disk for 3 years without any problems. But very recently selected songs songs that are in one particular folder (around 100 mp3 songs) only plays well in WMP. All other softwares like musicmatch, winamp, etc. dont play them at all. It recognizes the song but plays a 4 minute song for 4 secs. When I open it in wave editor it shows waves only for 4sec which were extremely concentrated within d 4 secs as if the whole song is compressed to 4 secs..
        Help me!

        Thanks in advance

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          Did you try…

          by captbilly1eye ·

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          repairing them using the tool I suggested?

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          Tried But no success

          by andy_arok ·

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          I tried it before It created a repaired mp3 but still it plays only for 1 second even though length of the song shows 4 min.

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          Then they are corrupt…

          by captbilly1eye ·

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          You can either try to repair them by using a audio conversion utility and save them again as MP3s or delete them and get new copies.

          Here’s a free audio file converter:
          Ease Audio Converter

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