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MPAA installs root kits to Campus networks, to track Movie downloads

By Oz_Media ·
"despite the MPAA?s claims that the software does not send university network data back to the MPAA...

The first thing the software does is call home for an update, giving away the IP address on any computers that are running the software."

And on, and on the digging into private lives continues. It seems that with the rate they are moving ahead, the internet and personal surfing activities will be under a watchful eye in no time. Not that the government doesn't watch and monitor activity already, but this is allowing a third party to do the same.

Full story on Audioholics:

EDIT: Had to step out for a Missed teh irony behind it all, MPAA is using open source software fo rthis tracking system, they also breached the copyright agreement of Ubuntu for not distributing the source code with teh software. And what the **** is the MPAA doing distributing copyright tracking software on open source platform? Doesn't that kinda defeat the whole purpose of livence protection and the intellectual property rights they fight so hard to retain?

Truly a hilarious action by a most confused oranization seeking to grasp at straws.

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Thanks Oz

by IC-IT In reply to MPAA installs root kits t ...

Appreciate the info and the turn on to a nice site.

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It's a great site, isn't it?

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks Oz

Audioholics: These guys know audio and everything related to it. If you are ever considering high end speakers (not the retail fluff that Best Buy or Future Shop sell at $2000.00 to pretend they are high end) then Audioholics is the place for reviews. Very detailed reviews, including crossover graphics etc. Frequency curve analysis etc.

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