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MPC/Nvidia warranty question

By flamingo ·
i have an MPC computer, only a year old, with 3 years left on the warranty (yeah right), my graphics card, NVIDIA, was acting up and finally croaked, since it was an expensive add on, there is the basic one on board so i'm fine, but what can i do? should i try contacting NVIDIA or is there some news on MPC since the auction about support? i did receive the lawyer letter awhile back about the class action claim for warranties, but no news on that at all

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You still have a Manufacturer warranty

by .Martin. In reply to MPC/Nvidia warranty quest ...

even if MPC are dead, you should check who manufactured the actual card, i.e., ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte...

if you open up the computer and have a look at the card you should be able to see the brand imprinted on the board of the card, try contacting this manufacturer for the warranty

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already tried that

by flamingo In reply to You still have a Manufact ...

on nVIDIAs website, they only list you back to the computer company if the hardware was on the computer when ordered...funny thing was when i had this built by MPC (and this is my 4th MPC, sorry to see them go, their tech support was always top notch), it was held up due to a 'bad batch' of nVIDIA cards, they ended up asking me to switch to a higher end one (for the same price)

anyway, i already tried that route

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Lets be clear

by JamesRL In reply to already tried that

Your graphics card has an nVidia chipset, but nVidia didn't manufacture the board, only the graphics chip(s). nVidia licenses other people to build the cards. The warranties vary by manufacturer, but if you contact them, they will likely honor the warranty, even if MPC is gone.


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JamesRL is right

by jck In reply to Lets be clear

Look on the Video card for a model number, and Google it.

It's probably a powercolor, sapphire, HIS, MSI, or visiontek OEM job.

Once you find out that, call that company and ask for support since MPC went out of business.

You might get somewhere with the OEM maker.

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by flamingo In reply to JamesRL is right

i googled the model number, it is indeed an nVIDIA card made by Palit, and when i clicked on the palit info on nVIDIA's site i got website not found, so where does that leave me???

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Like I said, you go to the card maker, not the chip maker

by JamesRL In reply to it is nVIDIA/PALIT

You have to go to Palit;

This page has their RMA process for returning cards under warranty. The warranty is apparently 2 years from purchase date. I hope you have a receipt.


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Palit has left the US

by flamingo In reply to Like I said, you go to th ...

yes i have the original order form from MPC, i also have been going back and forth with nVIDIA and Palit has left the US and has no valid phone number or address any longer, so going to their site, which i already did, does not help matters, but thank you for your reply

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Did you follow the process?

by JamesRL In reply to Like I said, you go to th ...

You fill in the form with the details and they will send back an email with an RMA number, if they approve.

They don't have to have offices in the US to honor your warranty.


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