MPC warranty/NVidia and Palit pass the buck

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i have an MPC computer, only a year old, with 2 years left on the warranty (yeah right), my graphics card, NVIDIA, was acting up and finally croaked, since it was an expensive add on. I contacted both Palit and NVidia, they have been passing the buck back and forth and I still have a DEAD video card (can't even begin to COUNT the emails or number of times I've submitted the S/N etc. to them, only for them to say they've never received it), on top of that, the computer itself is now acting up (either motherboard going bad or power source, took forver to get it going and now it's fine but I'm sure I shouldn't shut it off) I found a forum online for MPC with an 800 number and contacted them for support, though they were wonderful (called me back on a sunday!) they didn't cover MY computer so now I'm stuck, any suggestions?

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Yes. You'll likely need to replace at your own expense.

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No one gets any support.

Have a look at this thread, but it won't get you a replacement graphics card or motherboard.

Someone took you for a ride if you bought this machine a year ago - MPC was already in trouble. If it was Palit Microsystems, I'd be going after them. However, if the GPU went bad due to a power surge or similar, none of the vendors would be responsible anyway. But they shouldn't have been selling those systems, not without a very obvious disclaimer.

I can't believe MPC still has a phone to answer.

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