MPLS Networks

By brian ·
If I have a block of ip addresses given to me by our MPLS network, can I place a router as the first wave, assign it one of the 24 static ip addresses and have it give our systems it's own subnet, ip addy for the systems, and dns server, thus freeing up 22 of the static ip addys? *one ip addy is always going to be unuseable.

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Re: Networks

by christianshiflet In reply to MPLS Networks

I assume you mean MPLS networks (multi protocol label switching) and I am not sure what you are trying to do. The provider of the IP addresses should have provided a router that all of your public addresses are routed to and also provided you with the network settings including the subnet and gateway (probably the 1st of your public IP addresses). From there you can setup each individual public IP with its own router using the same subnet & gateway, just a different public IP in the same subnet.

So, you would have the router provided by your ISP attached to a switch with a bunch of routers attached to it (one for each IP being used). The LAN side of each of those routers would be individual private networks.

Is that what you are asking or wanting to do? Please let me know if that helps or you have further questions. Thanks.

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You know...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Re: Networks

It's kind of scary when someone is configuring something they don't even know the proper name of...

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you know...

by brian In reply to You know...

Ok, first off, I?m sorry I make mistakes while typing cmiller5400 (I made absolutely sure to paste this into Microsoft Word and spell checked it for you). Second of all, the first post answers my question. The way that they have the network setup now is just one modem supplying the switch and each computer gets its own static IP address set in the properties of the NIC. Thank you for confirming what I thought to be true.

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Re: You know...

by christianshiflet In reply to you know...

So all of your computers are currently using public IP addresses? It appears you are aware of the security issues this can pose and are looking at ways to change it. Either way, I am glad to help. Let me know if you have further questions.

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i guess....

by brian In reply to Re: You know...

I am aware of the security risks associated with this, sometimes being the newcommer to the company has its perks b/c you can not be blamed for the original configuration/problems :) but you are expected to fix

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