MPLS via public Internet?

By skywalker80 ·
Is it tehnicaly possible to implement MPLS VPN using public Internet as backbone (of course with assumption that every router in subnet have MPLS logic), not using service provider's network.

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To use the public internet, you have to have access to the hardware.

And that would not be possible, unless they have not locked down their routers. Here is more detailed information on the subject:**86a00800a6c11.shtml

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re:MPLS via public Internet

by skywalker80 In reply to To use the public interne ...

Thanks for reply Mr.Peconet,

So,with assumption that we can control (have access) all routers(with MPLS logic) in one MPLS cloud,it could be possible?

I'm asking that because IP MPLS VPN is working at layer 3, which is compatibile with Internet.

You said that "they" have locked down their routers, are you mean Internet providers have locked down their routers?


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I'm not sure it can be done,

by Fregeus In reply to MPLS via public Internet?

Unless you have the same Internet provider at all locations. What I understand to be your need is to have a fully mesh network that is oblivious of the provider's network. I've seen that with private network providers. But to use the Internet as the backbone, I figure it can only be done if the provider is the same all the way.


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