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MPREXE Error Occurs before Login

By Rich Tech Republic ·
I am having sporatic MPREXE errors on random machines (does not occur everytime) logging into a NetWare 5.1 server. The workstations are using Novell Client 3.21 (currently testing with Novell Client 3.10), Windows 95b, ZenWorks (Workstation and User Policies [extensible office 2k policy in use as well]).

The MPREXE errors occur before the Novel Client GUI login box appears, so something is going array when the client is determining if a Novell Server is available. Here are the errors I am finding:

MPREXE caused invalid page fault in module LGNW9532.dll at 0137:016432a7


MPREXE cause invalid page fault in module LOGIN32.DLL at 0137:004c9258

plus another that states (I believe a stack/page fault at module <unknown> at address <unknown>

I have gone over the MS and Novell info regarding this error and have could not find any answers. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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mprexe errors

by JWeber In reply to MPREXE Error Occurs befor ...

Try nuking ALL the pwl files from the c:\windows directory. In general, MPREXE errors are corrupted pwl files. They'll get rubuilt on the next login.

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Fix for MPREXE

by jm In reply to MPREXE Error Occurs befor ...

I have had this same thing happen several times. The quickest fix I have found is to simply uninstall client32 using the same version of uninstall as the c32 version you have installed, then reinstall of course. For example, don't try to uninstallc32 v3.1 with c32 v3.2. Also check to see if any HP port monitoring program is running. I have had to disable those programs to solve related problems.

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MPREXE error and Win98 not starting

by ordionisio In reply to MPREXE Error Occurs befor ...

i have tried to delete all the .pwl files I have on my pc, but i'm still having the same problem.

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