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By jhj88 ·
I have a toshiba satilite a55 the mother board is a toshiba P000404460 with an intel? 852GM Chipset the current processor is an Intel Celeron? M Processor 360 [1.40GHz, 1MB L2, 400MHz
FSB] can i upgrade the processor and what can i upgrade it to for instants pentium 4 or dual core??

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You have to think in terms of generated heat ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Mr. Jimmy Wood

So, the laptop is designed to dissipate the heat generated by the Celeron 360 that exists inside the chassis/case.

Whether the mobo could accept an upgraded chip - I don't know, but I would point out that the case probably could not accommodate the required heatsinks of these much-hotter CPUs.

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I have to agree with Mycroft here Heat is an issue to be considered

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Mr. Jimmy Wood

As this is a 479 Socket CPU according to Intel in theory any 479 Socket CPU will fit and it should work with the NB's supplied Heat-sink & Fan though Heat is most likely to be an issue here. If the replacement CPU runs Hotter than the existing one the Fan/s will run more often or longer to cool it down and it may even shut down the entire NB to prevent the CPU overheating.

Intel's Description of your CPU is listed here


Here is the Design Sheet for the 90 NM Intel CPU's


so in theory any of these chips should physically fit into the NB but as I have already said Heat could be a major issue which could mean short Battery Life and if excessive may even lead to premature death of the NB.


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i think

by david.wallis In reply to Mr. Jimmy Wood

in general you cant put anything other than a celeron in there. Toshiba normally have two different part numbers, one for the celeron board and one for the P4 equivalent

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just checked

by david.wallis In reply to Mr. Jimmy Wood

that board is also used in a A50-105 which uses a 1.5gz Celeron so thats a tiny upgrade but definitely compatible

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