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    MRTG Install


    by jmfortune ·

    I want to use MRTG on my 6.1 Red Hat. I need to know if MRTG is installed as part of the Red Hat distribution and if not, where should the program be installed and where should the config files be placed?

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      MRTG Install

      by ninewands ·

      In reply to MRTG Install

      I just reviewed the install tree for 6.1 and it doesn’t appear that MRTG is part of the distribution, however, that shouldn’t stop you because you can download the program from it’s home site:

      or any of their mirrors.

      As far as the installation details are concerned, the docs on the home website are quite complete and informative. I would assume that the authors adhere to FSSTND, which would indicate to me that the executables install in either /usr/bin or /usr/sbin with the config files in /etc or a subdirectory of /etc.

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