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MS Access 2.0 to MS Outlook 2003 Email

By skand ·
Our Time & Attendance System (TAS2000), developed in MS Access 2.0 sends certain notifications by email, through default email client (Eudora, Outlook etc). We have suddenly hit a road block where the client is using Outlook 2003. A message comes "can't open a mail session". So we had to install free version of Eudora to use this email facility in TAS2000 as the department managers wanted to use this feature. I have tested with Outlook 2000 SR-1; but understand (searched Internet) that MS has put some blocks from Outlook 2000 SR-2 onwards to prevent virus spreading. However, I would like to know if there is a way we can send email using our existing MS Access 2.0 based TAS2000 with OUTLOOK 2003.

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by DeskTroll In reply to MS Access 2.0 to MS Outlo ...

I have successfuly sent email via outlook from Access 2.0, 97, 2k, XP and 2003. Are you getting an error number with that message?

Can you post the code that initiates the e-mail?

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by skand In reply to

The error number is 2287. If MAPI.DLL is missing, this error number and message (Can't open a mail session) is generated. However even with mapi.dll in windows\system32 and windows\system and even in application's own folder the email does not go out. The code is:
DoCmd SendObject ObjectType, ObjectName$, A_FormatRTF, EMto, EMcc, EMbcc, EMsubject, EMBody, EMallowEdit
All variables are defined and the line does work in my office, but at client's PC who have Outlook 2003, the email does not go out. Perhaps if you gave MS Access 2.0 and Outlook 2003, you can test for yourself. Perhaps writing the code is also not necessary - just File-Send from menu will show same behvior.

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by DeskTroll In reply to MS Access 2.0 to MS Outlo ...

There was an issue with MAPI.DLL being incorrectly referenced in the registry when an older version of Access was installed. I'm assuming that you've got a runtime install if it is still verion 2.0.

Have a look for an incorrect registry setting for MAPIDLL under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft if you find one delete it.

Also, there is

This is not exactly what you are looking for (and it's a bit older) but there is some good information (especially on the limitations of SendObject).

Good luck.

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by skand In reply to

With Access 2.0 there is no registry as it is Windows 3.1 compliant. Thanks for the link it had interesting stuff - someof which I hasd seen earlier, but nothing specific to this current issue.

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