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    MS Access 2000 Reports


    by hamna_1999 ·

    I have a problem in Ms Access 2000 Reports when i generate a report on any query or table i always set all margins the report looks ok but when we open the report its margins automatically changes to 100mm on all sides top,bottom,left,right and its layout changes to portrate from landscape plz help me in this to solve the porblem every time i set the margins and layout.

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      Reply To: MS Access 2000 Reports

      by p.verhagen14 ·

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      If you are making a preview on a table or query, make your adjustments on border sizes and print it out (I think you are doing this)why are you not making a real report???? Property settings for the printer can be set under Tools, Options, General, but constant settings for a report only can be set in a report.


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