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MS Access 2000 Security problem

By *PeterG* ·
I set up a small test database and, using the security wizard, set up database security on the test file (2 tables, 1 query, 1 form, 1 report). When I now try to open the Test.mdb file, the system tells me I do not have the necessary privileges to open the file ("Contact your system administrator" PS: I AM the system administrator!) I am also the Creator & the Administrator of the file. My Windows 2000 Profile that I have used is normally set to Power User, but even when I change that to Administrator, nothing seems to work.

How do I open this "permanently secure" (ha-ha) database? And, if I want to just get rid of the test.mdb file, I now also have a Secured.mdw file to deal with. Can I simply delete these two files and start all over again or is there some other potential problem lurking in the wings if I should do this (like Registry problems)?

By the way, the security setup has 4 Groups: Admins, New Data Users, Read-Only Users, and Users. For Admins & Users, the Group ID was "previously created" (according to the "One-Step Security Wizard Report"); the other two Group IDs were assigned mixed alphanumeric IDs at the time of setup.

I would appreciate your help with this problem. Many thanks.

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Response to tp1955 "Where are the files"

by *PeterG* In reply to MS Access 2000 Security p ...

In response to your query re: where the mdb & mdw files are stored (server versus workstation), the answer is they are both stored in c:\Documents and Settings\peter\My Documents. I believe the permissions on the c: drive of the workstation are okay but I will check out the Linux server to see if there may be a problem there. (By the way, I am using FAT32, not NTFS.) Thanks for the tip!

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by jhazt79 In reply to MS Access 2000 Security p ...

hi, just try to clear password on your your security. thats all!!!

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