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    MS Access 2007 – Storing Temporary Information


    by starrt ·

    I’m putting together a dbase that has a logon page. I have a table with
    users’ information (logon, password, etc.). I’ve created a form for users to
    log in from and added some code to validate it against the users’ table to
    make sure that the password and logon matches.

    Here’s where I’m stuck. Once the user has logged in, I need to filter all
    the records they view to only their own records. Any data that they
    contribute needs to be stamped so that I can see who entered it. So I need
    to store the user’s name/id somewhere in the open file so that I can filter
    the forms and reports by the ‘current user’.

    Can anyone tell me the best way to store “temporary information” that can be
    used to filter reports, queries and forms?

    Any help is appreciated. And thanks to all you guys and gals who read and
    reply to these threads. You’re the best!

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