ms access 2010 table:readable by sql ; not visible in navigation pane

By RichardADD ·
I expect to be told my database is corrupted but I was wondering if this is a known problem with a known fix or else I am missing something which is even worse.

query: select * from WKEMAIL02;

This shows the data and it seems right because it has today's records in the results.
But when I go to the Navigation Pane, it is nowhere to be seen.
If you have suggestions please give example fix because I don't know that much.
The table was created from Another database, I keep data in one database and modules, forms etc in another.
So the code segment that created the table (in ColourRich0P.accdb) looks like this:

SQ(9) = "select D.NAME_ as CUSTOMER, E.EMAIL, E.ENAME, 'debtors' as TYPE, E.CODE, TCASH,SALES, " & _
"DATE_LI, 'N' as DRP, ' ' as MRK, TERMS " & _
"into [ColourRich0P.accdb].WKEMAIL02 " & _
"from [ColourRich0P.accdb].T01104 E inner join [ColourRich0P.accdb]T5101 D on E.CODE = D.CODE " & _
"where E.SEQ < '50' and left(E.EMAIL,3) <> 'www' and E.EMAIL<>'none' " & _
"and D.CAT1<>'HB' and D.CAT3<>'OBS' "

Then SQ(9) is fed into a routine that does
DoCmd.RunSQL SQ(9)

This has been working for a couple of years already.
I have tried "Compact and Repair Database" but no luck

(Blush) my anti-virus software is not exactly up-to-date.


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