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By rhey_shane22 ·
can anyone give some conditioning on MS Access field query? thank you

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what are you talking about?

by john.a.wills In reply to MS Access

Probably your question can be answered by one of the many TR participants, but first the question must be posed.

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Sample Condition(IIF statements)

by rhey_shane22 In reply to what are you talking abou ...

thank you for that reply..
anyway below is the code where i use IIF statement: can you give me some function other that IIF?

SELECT tblEmployee.EmployeeID, [fname] & " " & [Lname] AS Fullname, tblPurchase.Quantity, IIf(([tblpurchase].[quantity])<=50,"200",IIf([tblpurchase].[quantity]<=100,"500","Excellent!")) AS Bonus
FROM tblEmployee INNER JOIN tblPurchase ON tblEmployee.EmployeeID = tblPurchase.EmployeeID;

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by john.a.wills In reply to Sample Condition(IIF stat ...

You could include a WHERE clause for the bonus in several separate SELECT sttements then make a UNION of those SELECT statements, but I think IIF is more readable and easier. I do not off-hand know of anything else one might write; I seem to remember a CASE statement in SQL, but I cannot find it in my books.

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by rhey_shane22 In reply to union

Thank you for that suggestion.. .

Do you know how to publish a php file on lan connection? can give a step? thank you again;

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I don't know

by john.a.wills In reply to php?

but perhaps someone else does.

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