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Ms-Access and other programming tools

By rickhow2000 ·
I always heard from developers that Ms-Access developers are 1 class below other developers using programming tools like VB6 or VB.NET or C#.NET etc. Is that true ?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Ms-Access and other progr ...

Sure and then the VB6 or VB.NET or C#.NET are 1 class nelow the Python programmers and HTML, CSS and XHTML programmers are the absolute bottom of the bunch!

Nah, just kidding. All programming is an elite skill if you find something you code well and find employment that you prefer. The main issue is what is in demand in your area, what skills are required to reach the salary level you desire etc. Think of your personal gains, which FAR outweigh any false sense of adequaccy.

Developers are a funny bunch, I know many. I also know MANY successful musicians who also have a Prima Donna mentailty, it's simply the creative mindset that creates a sense of superiority. I certainly wouldn't take them that seriously as to have them influence your decisions, unless they are speaking on terms of gainful employment for you.

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by lshaz786 In reply to Ms-Access and other progr ...

Not so.. may be because most of the entry level people use Access for programming.. they say so.. all languages have limitations.. it depends how and where you use it..

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by asjwm2 In reply to Ms-Access and other progr ...

Access uses SQL (Structured Query Language). C# is Microsoft's answer to Java. Basic is an old language, and does not approach the flexibility of Java. So, if you want to get good at SQL, get Oracle, because that is a specialized database program. Many companies like VB or C# because they want something "off the shelf" that will generate cash flow.
However, it is my opinion that Microsoft has become a marketing tool rather than a software designer. You'll spend a lot more time with Microsoft VB or C# than with Access. If you want to design databases, use Oracle. If you want good, flexible graphics, Java is the ticket. If you want to learn Microsoft, learn Visio. Oracle is the best for database development, Java is the best for graphics development, Visio is the best for understanding algorithms and processes visually.

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by JulianJ In reply to Ms-Access and other progr ...

Ah.. this depends on who you ask. For me, all programming languages (and their respective tools) have their own strong and weak points. It all depends on the job at hand and what is required. Talking about MS Access development, it is actually using VBA, an extension of VB... so theoratically, it is part of VB :)

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Ms-Access and other progr ...

As with the difference between VB .Net and C#, the difference between Access and SQL Server is about $30,000 per year. With the exception of stored procedures, in a small application the only difference is one of perception. For example, five years ago I wrote a classic ASP application that used Access in the development environment and SQL Server in production. The only difference was the connection strings.

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by DeskTroll In reply to Ms-Access and other progr ...

The problem is that MS Access is considered a toyat best and a desktop virus by many development departments. It is not a real programming platform so developers who use Access must not be real developers.

Add to this the fact that many Access developers come from not IT backgrounds and or are not formally qualified and you have the seeds of a class distinction in a development area.

It just depends on the group, the company etc, but in general yes Access developers are second rate citizens in a development team until they prove their worth by building robust systems and gaining respect from their peers and clients.

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