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MS Access and System Resources

By QPS ·
I just put a standard MS Access complete database on our server with shortcut links on each employeee's desktop to access the same database. Some of us get in fine. However, a couple employees will open the database and get an error message that reads somewhat like this: "[06] has put the database in a state that can't be opened or locked"?? And then that employee can't get in until the other get's out.

Also, we discovered that a couple employees' System Resources decreases with the increase of usage of the program to where it eventually freezes their system.

What am I doing wrong???

FYI - I'm a ACCESS 'wannabe', no training. I just know enough to be dangerous.


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MS Access and System Resources

by Glen_McLeod In reply to MS Access and System Reso ...

With regards to the "can't open" problem, that's just classic Access. It's meant to handle around 6-8 concurrent connections, more (maybe 15) if the application is written well, and less if it is written badly.

Freezing the employees' systems sounds like a badly written app. The "optimal" way to run a multi-user Access app is to have the tables in one database file on the server, with each user having their own copy of the "program" file (forms, reports, queries, code, etc.) on the local machine with the tables linked to the server file.

Sorry to say, it sounds like you need a re-write.


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MS Access and System Resources

by QPS In reply to MS Access and System Reso ...

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