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    MS Access capabilities


    by chandler ·

    I am trying to make an application that will allow 4 people to update and share data in around 100 fields. Is access the best and easiest DB application to do this? Currently we are using one MS Excell file but run into a sharing issue when two or more people try to open the file on the server.

    If I setup a master table in Access could I have individual users only be able to edit certain fields in the file?

    Thanks and realize this is my first time using access.

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      by liame ·

      In reply to MS Access capabilities

      Yup – Access pretty much fits the bill there.

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      Be aware of …

      by ahar ·

      In reply to MS Access capabilities

      I think you mean recordsets and not fields
      And keep in mind that using access you cannot lock single recordsets. Using access always blobs of 64k get locked – once again access is truly not a real database, but better than excel for multiuser-access.

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      Consider an ASP based solution

      by atxstranger ·

      In reply to MS Access capabilities

      Access should do what you want, but you may want to consider an ASP/web based type solution with Access running as the database underneath. This also assumes you have a machine capable of hosting a web based application, which may not be the case. It takes a bit more learning curve for you as the developer, especially if you don’t have a good html background, but it does offer some benefits:

      You will create a layer between your users and Access. Creating the application completly in Access means fiddiling with and configuring security settings to make sure your users don’t do anything you don’t want them to do. In using a Web based solution, the users can only access the information you want them to by creating pages with specific fields for specific users. Presenting the appropriate pages for each user,using a login on the website, should give the users only the pages and fields they need (if necessary).

      Access security is less than steller, and locking down access to certain fields is going to involve a lot of VBA coding but it can be done. A web based solution allows you to put pages together, either for specific tasks or specific users, and then pick and choose the fields you want them to edit. As long as the users can’t get into the database, your field level security is better this way.

      Finally, think about how savy your computer users are. Developing an Access based application may require additional training if your users have never used Access and aren’t familiar with the forms and buttons. A web-based solution has less training involved because most people these days are used to web based forms with pull down lists, checkboxes, etc.

      Also, if you develop a web based application, you may not have to develop in Access. With a web based application, you could use a variety of databases (for example, MySql as an open source database) to develop the application. Access works relatively well in a small database setup, but if this database is going to grow above 1.5Gb in size, you will start to see some serious performance issues.

      I’ve developed applications in both, and while learning the ASP and HTML programming took some time, I am much happier with the results of my web based applications as opposed to my Access applications.

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      yes however

      by natasha.epperson ·

      In reply to MS Access capabilities

      yes access will work. 2 things to be aware of, 1 is that it will slow down a lot with the back end of access on a server. you’ll get traffic slowing when opening queries. if you got the knowledge and the money sql server would be best. but if you don’t access is perfect.

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      MS capabilites

      by nievesj24 ·

      In reply to MS Access capabilities

      My access is being updated and used by 17 users ina a network for a private company so feel free for using with 4.

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