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I have been assigned a task involving a Resume Database. What I have been handed is a file that consists of a table with approximately ** columns to it. It basically has all the info off a person's resume on it. There are several attempts at queries and forms and ect but nothing successful. I have started completely rebuilding the table so that I can make sure there is nothing hidden anywhere. Here is what they want to be able to do:

Pull resumes based on various skill levels (each skill is identified in individual columns), as well as by education level (here again is spread across 4 columns), and would like a return selection based on other various options. Some of these options may be combined or individual. Here's my issue: I have written several queries and table queries that allow for data to be entered so that results are user defined but none that I have written will return the multiple results or continue to return 100 results when only 15 actually apply. Help???

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Just a guess here...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to MS Access Database

but it looks from the information given as though you need to completely revamp that thing as (again just guessing from the minimal info) it appears very poorly designed.

You should have more than one table, just for starters. Applicant, Skills, Education jumps off the page at me. Experience is likely yet another table.

There are likely to be others here with more thorough knowledge of database design, hopefully they will chime in.

Peer mail me with more detailed information and I will help if I can.

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Can't help without one an example of one of the

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MS Access Database

'incorrect' queries.
Too many possibilities, indeed fixing one may not fix the rest...

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