MS-Access DB bmp image to an HTA

By LarryD4 ·
Ok so I have a question. I have seen a few, klunky ways of doing this, mostly via the adobe library.

I am writing an HTA for a company wide phonebook. But one requirement is I need to display the bmp images stored in the db. I have the hta done I can pull all of my data needed, but I can't seem to find a way to get the blob from ms-access to come across to the hta as an image.

No not everyone has ms-access and we are looking for a way to do this with out having to load ms-access or the ms-access run time.

We tried the MS-Access run time and ran in to some issues. Hence the reason why we are looking not to use it.

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That's clunky no matter how you go about it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MS-Access DB bmp image to ...

What language is the hta wriiten in?

If you want to keep it smple and make it much more robust, (access is crap with blobs), personally for such a small app I'd have used an xml file, store the jpg on the srever and then a link to it in the DB, all you have to do then is make a an img tag from the file name.

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Yeah that would be much easier but

by LarryD4 In reply to That's clunky no matter h ...

The Access Database is our employee db management system that has a ton of reports dealing with position reporting etc.
It also is the alert system for IT, so when HR adds a new employee IT gets an alert and starts the process of creating accounts.
I may farm it out to a folder and just pull them up from their, but I didn't want to have to maintain photos in the DB and outside of it.
Oh forgot that, the DB generates our employee ID cards and the interface to the secure passcard program needs the pics in the DB.

Sigh, may end up redesigning the whole thing and moving it to the enterprise sql server.

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Never fails to amaze me what people will use access

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Yeah that would be much e ...

for. What language is the app written in?

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Late response

by LarryD4 In reply to Never fails to amaze me w ...

Heh, funny thing is when you asked me about the employee card app, I really didn't have an answer. I was told that it was purchased about 7 years ago, before my time.
So I went over to take a look at it and it was written by a local consultant, who happens to have the same last name as our recently retired boss.
It was a stand alone MS-Access app and now I see the reason why I had to use access for my side of the project. From what I can see thus far it was created with MS-Access 2000.

Either way
I just farmed the pics out to a share and my HTA is working just fine.

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