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MS Access Edit Form

By pan_linda ·
There are multiple ways to create an edit form to update tables. Some I've seen to be simple and others a little more complex with vba code. Which way would be best to create such a form to update linked tables where the link is associated with another database?

Currently there are no primary keys in any of the tables. So far there are no relationships among the tables. I am looking to create a simple form with criterias and matching up them to their respective tables and making updatesif a match exists.

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MS Access Edit Form

by kees.valkenswaard In reply to MS Access Edit Form

Probably I am completely lost. Either there is some relation or there is not. That the relation would be based on an external table is not important. It only may influence the speed. You seem to have linked the external table to the current database. So, all information would be available?

Perhaps you mean that a check is needed to find out if a given value exists in two separate tables? If that is the case you want to do something? At this moment your information is, at least for me, so vague that it would be impossible to give any advice, except to clarify your intentions. Maybe supply an example.
Good luck.

PS If you want to e-mail me, put Q&A as part of the subject line, else the message will be deleted.

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MS Access Edit Form

by pan_linda In reply to MS Access Edit Form

Basically I have an Access database with linked tables to another relational database. There are fields within these linked tables that I would like to modify. I am looking to create a simple pull down menu whereby a user can enter criteria; have Access do the search to find the one matching record and make the change. The fields that I would like to modify exists in 1 or more linked tables.

When I mean there are no relationships between these tables, if you would to look at Tools -> Relationships a feature in Access, there are no relationships there. Really this database only serves to store information. It is not an application for any specific purpose.

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