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MS ACCESS gurus, please help.

By Slunicko ·

In August 2002 I built an Access database. From that point on, only my colleague has entered data into this database. If any changes to the structure were to be made, I was asked to do them. The database had functioned without any problems till last week when I noticed two very strange things.

The size of the database had suddenly shrunk from 3600kB to a mere 900kB !!!! In addition, every time the database was opened, the "create dates" of all the forms and reports got re-created: allof them showed that they were created on the same day at the same time. Surprisingly, the database still functioned that way and we did not seem to have lost any data.

Can anyone PLEASE tell me what the possible purpose of this shrinkage and change of create dates could be? Since I do not assume this is very safe for the database to keep happening, I would also appreciate any advice on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

Thank you so much!

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something to think about...

by dbgirl In reply to MS ACCESS gurus, please h ...

The shrinkage of the database could be as simple as the database being compacted. The database should be compacted on a regular basis anyway, so that wouldn't be a problem. And the create dates could very well have been caused by the same thing.

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2 problems.

by wolf.kux In reply to MS ACCESS gurus, please h ...

Dear Sir / Madam,

on my modest MS-Access knowledge, I think you have two, let's say, questions, not problems:

1. Database shrunk. Somoeone ran "compress database" or "repair database", and this routine erased all backup tables in your .mdb file.
MS-Access does not clean up any table if you erase it, it only mark it for deletion. The above routines do that job; so your .mdb file may shrunk.

2. Date created changed. This is not a problem,
because when you compress or repair a .mdb file, (like explained in 1.), MS-Access creates a new temporary file and copies all valid tables, queries, reports, etc. to this new file, but not the "deleted" files. After finished, MS Access deletes the old .mdb file and renames the temporay file created to the name of the old deleted one. You can see that process if you start Explorer on .mdb path before start the options above.

So, I think, you may have not any problem, only a cleanup of garbage in your .mdb file. This may be recommended to do from time to time.

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