MS Access - Locke Records

By computerward ·

Please could someone tell me how to share an Access database on a peer to peer LAN running Windows XP Pro.

i am getting a "record locking" problem when trying to access and update the database from the network?

Many thanks

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by shasca In reply to MS Access - Locke Records

Is there a stuck .ldb file in the folder where the DB resides? Does someone else have the DB open at the same time?

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There is more to it than just sharing the file.

by 1bn0 In reply to MS Access - Locke Records

I am not an expert. I have doen a little research because of a similar issue here.

The current philosohpy from Microsft on sharing an Access database is "splitting the database". The table with the data get put on a server share. The forms and queries are contained in a "front end" that is distributed to the users of the database. Updates to the program (front end) are done on a master front end and deployed to all users.

I do remember setting up a multi user database with access 97 and it wasn't that hard. Just a .mdw? file and a list of users and passwords. But I beleive the database had to be setup to use the security properly.

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Many ways to deal with it

by dlovep In reply to There is more to it than ...

Here are some solutions:

1. Put the Database sit on a RAIDed Harddrive and change some setting. (Open mode - Shared, Record Locking - No Locks, checked Open database using record-level locking)

2. Turn the design into Server-Client. (Server side have Tables only and sit in Server, Client side have the interface and sit in User's PC)

3. Migrate to Web based read/write and reports. (Link your Access to IIS or similiar, use Data Access Page to develop your interface.)

4. Upgrade to SQL server.


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