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I have an Access database with a Navigation Form. The Navigation Form has 14 'tabs', each of which opens a sub-form. Each sub-form retrieves data from its own table. The tables are related by a single field ([ID]); the relationships are defined in 'Relationships' and each table's [ID] field is linked (one-to-one) to the FIRST tabbed table/form's ID field.

What I want is quite simple: The user opens the Navigation Form (which opens the 'Home' sub-form by default). (S)he then navigates to the required record. Then, when clicking on any tab, the sub-form showing the RELATED record (ie; it has the SAME [ID] number) should appear for editing/reading.

What actually happens is that when a sub-form is chosen (from the tabs) the FIRST record appears. I cannot understand Microsoftese and so Access Help is of little ... well, help. Can anyone help with what (surely) has to be a simple answer?

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Here's one way

by Snak In reply to MS Access Navigation Form ...

1. Create a 'Home' form with a dropdown combo box to select the record ID you want to edit. Include a Button Control ('Select') which invokes an update query that writes the selected ID to a one field, one record table (called 'CurrentRec' or some such).
2. Create a Select query for each of the 14 sub-forms which finds the correct record according to the value in the CurrentRec table and use that query when opening the subforms.

Complicated and messy, but it works.

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