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MS ACCESS Ranking 0-5

By MikeVla ·
Thank you for taking the time to read/help me with this query question.

I have a list of data that goes back 9 months. What I?m looking to do is put them in a grouping such as ?3 Months? 6 Months? and ?9 Months? and maybe a total of all with its not to hard to do. Then once that is done I would like to Rank then either by the past 3 months or even back 1 year.

The formula in excel looks like this =5-(AJ3/MAX($AJ$3:$AJ$10000)*5)

Thank you once again for your time and help

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Hmm not too clear that, but

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MS ACCESS Ranking 0-5

look up DatePart, DateDiff, DateAdd, and how to do group by.

select * From MyTable Where MyDate > DateAdd(GetDate(),month,-3)
for instance.

There's a lot of ways to skin this cat depending on waht you want but they all use the basic functions.

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