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    MS ACCESS Table update


    by ashishab ·

    How do I add new fields to existing access table. I would like to varify the field, If it does not exixst add the field,

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      by john.a.wills ·

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      Open the table in design mode. Write in the new columns as rows in the design. Close the table – or switch to data mode and see the new, empty columns. You can also use this procedure to alter types, but be warned that you may lose data this way.

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      by wayne m. ·

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      I am assuming you want to do this programmatically in VBA.

      To verify if the column exists, use a COUNT(columnName) FROM tableName and catch the error. If the column does not exist, the script will throw an error; catch the error and set a flag one way. Otherwise, the routine will run normally. This is a slow and inefficient approach, so if someone knows a better way, please suggest it!

      To add a column, use ALTER TABLE – ADD COLUMN. One online reference is Google for some more. There are also lots of SQL books out there, but the MS Access Jet database only supports a limited subset of standard SQL.

      I do not know your familiarity with ADO or DAO programming, but if this is not your comfortable approach, you may want to use the visual tools described in the previous answer.

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