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    MS Access VDA Date format


    by petenroz ·

    Hi i want to use the date as part of a file name
    but i want the format as yyyymmdd
    below is my start but it will put the date in the wrong format even if it works
    really appreciate help as i struggle with this
    here is the relevant part/s of the Private Sub
    Dim MyDate
    MyDate = Date

    prev = rs.Fields(4)
    path1 = path + “\”
    path1 = path1 + MyDate
    path1 = path1 + “-”
    path1 = path1 + rs.Fields(23)
    path1 = path1 + “-”
    path1 = path1 + rs.Fields(4)
    path1 = path1 + “.pdf”

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