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MS ActiveSync 3.7 Connection Inop

By wcbattey ·
The USB connection between my iPAQ Pocket PC h3850 and Dell Dimension 8200 running Win XP Pro suddenly stopped working.
I had upgraded from Pocket PC 2002 to 2003 without problems. The interface issue began about 3 weeks ago after I downloaded a group of 3-4 critical updates using MS Update (nothing to do with XP SP2).
I uninstalled and re-installed ActiveSync 3.7.1 and recreated the partnership between the iPAQ and Dimension 8200 and the interface worked. However, it did not work the next morning when I got to work and placed the iPAQ in the USB Cradle.
Win XP recognizes the USB Cradle and says the device is working properly. The iPAQ message appears as it attempts to connect (and the desktop computer emits an audible sound indicating a connection attempt is in progress; but, after about 10-15 seconds the message on the iPAQ device disappears and no connection is made.
I depend on the iPAQ for business, but I have been unable to perform actions where I need to sync the data with my desktop. I welcome any suggestions that might help me resolve this problem once and for all.


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by mikex In reply to MS ActiveSync 3.7 Connect ...

The quick way - go to your XP and run system restore - restore the system to the point when all was working and "TURN OFF automatic updates"

The slow way - go and uninstall all of your Ipaq software - remove all registry entries and fisycal Folder/Files remaining after uninstall (if you're not sure where are they - ask support line) and after you're finished with that - Check for Hotfixes and updates for your Ipaq software nad install them if they exist if not reinstall your original cd software for Ipaq synching and management

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by w2ktechman In reply to MS ActiveSync 3.7 Connect ...

system restore probably will fail since winupdates have been installed.
First, check the connection settings of the IPAQ.
Second, try redocking the IPAQ
Third, try changing the settings for a different port, try syncing, when it fails, try putting it back onto the USB Port.
Fourth, check all physical connections, unplug and replug everything in.
Fifth, If there is a reset button on the IPAQ, try resetting it.
Sixth, check the USB drivers, as the update might have caused a problem with them. Maybe uninstall and reinstall them. (I have had printers with this problem).

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by mburd In reply to MS ActiveSync 3.7 Connect ...

Don't forget, your dealing with a varient of W98se and all of the problems that go with it. There is a USB connection problem that WXP has, as I have noticed. There is no real way around it. Dell and HP laptops have this problem. A way around it is to turn off the legacy or USB2.0 setting off in the BIOS. Another is to load an older version of ActiveSync on your machine. I have had luck with older Dells and ActiveSync 3.5 or 3.6. But I still see reoccurring problems. If you are using Norton Antivirus, make sure that you that it is uninstalled before you reload ActiveSync. This has also helped.
All in all, good luck and "that's all folks".

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