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MS AntiSpyware vs Ad-Aware SE Professional

By Old Guy ·
I have been using the Ad-Aware SE Professional on some of my machines it seems to do well. However, someone kept suggesting using the Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta v1.0. What is the general opinions of both and how many thinks which one is better?

Thanks for your input.

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Both are good

by antuck In reply to MS AntiSpyware vs Ad-Awar ...

The one thing I really like about MS anti-spyware is it runs in the background. It is able to advise you when startup items have changed and sometimes gives you the option to block the changes. It monitors your home page for any changes and gives you the option to stop the homepage from being changed.

As far as scanning goes, I still like the idea of having a couple of anti-spy/ad- ware removers. Each program detects garbage-ware differently. So I always find that running a few of the programs helps remove the garbage ware. Both programs do a great job of detecting and removing garbage ware.

I have been using the MS anti spyware since it was first released and haven't had any issues with it at all. I do like that it monitors the system in real time and alerts me to any changes.

Generally I install Spybot, Ad-Aware and MS anti spyware on computers. All three are great programs and a must now a days.

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by jdmercha In reply to Both are good

I too have been using MS Anti-Spyware since it came out. I haven't looked for awhile but I thought the professional version of Adaware (the one you have to pay for) will also do real-time scans.

The bigest problem I've had with the MS product is that it is a beta, and has an expiration date. The original one I downloaded and installed on several systems has expired. I had to download and reinstall a later version of the beta. It didn't do an automatic upgrade.

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Free version

by antuck In reply to Cost?

I was thinking of the free version of Ad Aware. I didn't know that the Pro version ran in real time.

When my MS Anti-spyware expired, it popped up a message that a newer version was avaliable. I clicked on Ok and it downloaded the newer version. I aggree I don't like the expiration date they have on it. But I did get a warning atleast.

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From My Small Experience

by aaronpctech In reply to MS AntiSpyware vs Ad-Awar ...

From My Experience I've been told that its best not to use just one Anti Spyware but a cocktail of them. That way you cover all of your bases because one program usually will catch something that the other doesnt. I've found that MS Antispyware, Ad-aware free, and spybot usually will take care of you just fine. Sometimes when I'm really in a bind and those three cant cut it, I use HIJACK this, which can be tricky byt usually does the job, no questions asked.

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by Old Guy In reply to MS AntiSpyware vs Ad-Awar ...

Thanks. It looks like I have been ok after all. I have been using Spybot and Ad-Aware Pro. The main problem I have with the Ad-Aware Pro 6.0 is that it won't automatically delete or quarantine on auto startup if it finds anything and the users just kind of lets it sit there until I happen to go by and see it waiting.

The way things are I may just add the MS Anti-spy as a third option and use all three.

Thanks, again.

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by LYAK In reply to MS AntiSpyware vs Ad-Awar ...

I have used Ad-Aware and MS-AntiSpyware Beta, I did like that MS is real time and asks if I want to open an executable if it was just downloaded... But it does get old when updating drivers for older systems.

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Registry Cleaning

by wmcmillin In reply to MS AntiSpyware vs Ad-Awar ...

I am currently using all of the three my esteemed colleagues are using. I know that Spybot, with Tea-Timer prevents unauthorized registry changes which is worth its weight in gold! Also, Spybot will clean registry entries with greater than 256 characters where as Ad-Aware and MS Anti-Spyware do not. So it is a good practice to use more than one. The more the merrier so to say!

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