MS Backup for XP PRO

By paul.kuczwara ·
Good Morning All,

I have been using MS Backup that is standard in MS XP PRO.
On my laptop I have ~146k files/ directories etc., using ~50gig.

About last month, I ran the backup. The Selection Information evaluation ran for a VERY long time, the file count was over 2 million files. From what I could gather the file path that was showing in the evaluation dialog is c..\protect\S-1-5-19\GUIDs. It did not seem to get out of this directory path. After the first 60k files and 10 gig's or so.

When I search for these sub-directories,'s-1-5-19' and 'protect' are not found. Has anyone seen this before?

When I look at some of the files, on my drive there appears to be some kind of hidden security tag associated with the file that flashes up and then immediately disappears, I can see it if I do a print screen immediately after I press properties and then look at the security tab on the files properties, and then pasting it into a Word doc.

I did a file dump into a text file and scanned for the 'Protect' and 'S-1-5-19' directories, but they did not exist. Has anybody seen this before, and how can I fix it?


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my thought....

by ---TK--- In reply to MS Backup for XP PRO

if your backing up over 2 million files... My first thought is that you have directory after directory after directory after directory.... get the point? XP can have a file directory as far a 256 characters deep (I think) if you exceed that limit, your data is gone... C equals 3 characters, spaces are considered a character also... if this is not the case then ignore it... but its just a thought, maybe it helps...

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XP Pro Backup Followup

by paul.kuczwara In reply to my thought....

Good Afternoon TK,

I can still access all of the files on the computer. I have acquired another backup tools and it backups fine using TBI Image. Did a MS patch somehow cause this issue? The path it seems to be stuck in, is the c:\Document and Settings\...\

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Im not sure....

by ---TK--- In reply to XP Pro Backup Followup

It was just a shot in the dark... another post suggested that it could be restore points that are getting backed up also...? Its really hard to say when your not in front of the PC... and restore points really do add up after a while...

Yeah if you can access them odds are you aren't having the issue of to many characters...

To clean up the restore files I would go to your "run command" and enter this no quotes "c:\windows\system32\cleanmgr.exe /dc" click the tab at the top "more options" > 3rd one down click "clean up" and then try the back up again...

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Sounds as if you are backing up your system restore points....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to MS Backup for XP PRO

... and you don't want to do that.

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That, or a recycle bin

by seanferd In reply to Sounds as if you are back ...

or protected recycle bin, like Norton's.

Anyone mention that those S- numbers are SIDs for users?

localservice\Application Data\Microsoft\Protect\S-1-5-19



This certainly can't be the only malware which does this.

(Google's "view as HTML" link.)

"C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\Protect
You can delete the Protect folder and its contents. However, the Protect folder and its contents will be re-generated upon your next visit to the Microsoft Update Website."

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Size and Location of Restore Points

by paul.kuczwara In reply to Sounds as if you are back ...

Good Afternoon ThumbsUp2,

Thanks for your Reply and TK's help.

How large are the restore points? Would there location be something like "c...\protect\s-1-4-19\<large list scrolling of GUIDs>"?

I am running the cleanup utility now and it is taking a very long time.


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See my post above.

by seanferd In reply to Size and Location of Rest ...

When you write "c...\protect\s-1-4-19\", is that unexpanded path the info you are getting? No wonder you are confused.

You'll have to enable viewing hidden files (in Explorer >Tools > Folder Options > View &gt.

Documents and settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Protect\



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Hidden Files and Viewing

by paul.kuczwara In reply to See my post above.

Good Afternoon Seanferd,

Yes I understand how to view hidden files. My question was at first. What has happened as to cause the Windows Backup to fail. Looking for some files in the "c..\protect\SIDs". (getting hung there looking) I have done the backups as I have always done and last month this started happening. I was just trying to figure out what happened and why.


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Yes, my intent was to point out the dir locations

by seanferd In reply to Hidden Files and Viewing

so I mention that you have to view hidden files to do so.

Can you find the directories in those paths?

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How do I NOT Backup the Restore Points.

by paul.kuczwara In reply to Sounds as if you are back ...

Good Morning,

I ran the clean utility, but when the backup runs it still appears to get hung in the "c...\protect\SIDs" directory.


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