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    MS Common Dialog Error


    by fofa ·

    Access 97 with SP2 (both machines)
    Win 2000 developed, calls to common Dialog to open/save files.
    Put MDB on Win95, gets error Common Dialog not found (comdlg32.dll) yet I can find this file on the Win95 machine. Any ideas whats wrong?

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      MS Common Dialog Error

      by mcorr ·

      In reply to MS Common Dialog Error

      There are two reasons that this doesn’t work. Either the library isn’t registered, or you are trying to set the properties directly in the control on the form instead of programmatically.

      If it is the first, you will need to register the dll do this by opening any database, then go to Tools->ActiveX. On the ActiveX window, click Register, find the file, and click OK. Then it is registered on your PC.

      Also make sure that you are not setting properties directly on the control on the form. Properties need to be set programmitcally in the code that calls the dialog.


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