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MS DHCP Bad_address release

By proeftuin ·
At a site we are having issues with the current DHCP server running on a 'special' machine.
Because there is noting more to do for this machine except DHCP we want to replace this with a DHCP server running on a Win2003 server.

In the network there are aprox. 450 clients running DHCP.
I only want to change the DHCP relay in the network so i'll have to re-use the current scopes.
To prevent duplicate IP's i'll enable Conflict address detection on the MS DHCP.

If a client will ask for a new address it will check if the address is used, that will probably be the case so it will be marked as a bad_address. And it will take a bit of time before a good addres is found.

Now my question: what will happen if a client wants to renew it's address and this address already has been marked as a bad_address?

Will the server give the client the address it had before and make a 'valid'address of the bad address or will it issue a 'new' address out of the scope of addresses not marked as a bad_address?

If the address stays marked as a bad_address untill it's removed or the lease time has expired i'll run out of addresses in no time..

Does anyone know if the server can re-issue a bad_address within the lease time. Or does anyone have another idea?

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You're asking how DHCP works?

by seanferd In reply to MS DHCP Bad_address relea ...

It works pretty much the same regardless of what is the DHCP server.

A client always asks for the address to which it was previously assigned. If it isn't available, it gets an unused address from the pool.

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What happens with the conflict detection enabled?

by proeftuin In reply to You're asking how DHCP wo ...

Client A does a DHCP request. the server tries it's first unused address from the pool: x.x.x.10.
This address is used by Client B which it got from the old server. A conflict, so this addres is marked BAD_ADDRESS.
The server will assign x.x.x.11 which is free (no conflict).
Now client B want's to renew it's lease of x.x.x.10 with the new server. What will happen? It's marked as a BAD_ADDRESS because it was in use by this client when the server tried to assign it to client A. Will the windows 2003 renew/assign the BAD_ADDRESS or will it use a new address, x.x.x.12?

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